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May, 2016

  • 26 May

    Anushka tells about ‘Uncomfortable’ Part of Sultan


    The actress Anushka Sharma was scared while doing Sultan Salman Khan when she felt she did not look like a fighter. “Before, I was too scared not see me as a fighter. We have the perception that the fighters are of a certain size. I used often questioning producer Aditya ...

  • 12 May

    Shilpa Shetty going to participate in Dhaka fashion show


    Queen of Bollywood, Shilpa Shetty will visit Dhaka for the first time to participate in a ramp fashion parade to be held in the Hall of Basundhara Gulnaksha International Convention on May 13, Friday at 7 pm. Shilpa will arrive in Dhaka for the first time to participate in the ...

  • 5 May

    Deepika gave auditioned to be the heroine of Tom Cruise’s


    A few days ago there was going to be a Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi Tom Cruise. But yesterday came the news. However, the ‘auntie’ Deepika Padukone has auditioned for his role in the new series. “Triple X: The Return of the gender Cage ‘Deepika are about to start the innings ...

February, 2016

  • 11 February

    Clean hair without shampoo!


    Several studies have shown that about most people suffering from hair problems. Some dandruff problem, some hair loss is going to be disappointed with some rough hair. It is true that, if the hair shampoo and hair to the national problem is less clear. However, it is not right at ...

  • 5 February

    Crore view of Imran song


    YouTube, the most popular singer of the song, Imran Mahmudul “bolte bolte cholte cholte” has seen 1 million times. Pride in the country’s artists like to say. Such is the fate of the very few artists. The video was uploaded to YouTube channel of its own, a total of Mahmud ...

  • 5 February

    Road of the Dead.


    Bolivia’s “Road of the Dead” or “road of death” one of the world’s most dangerous roads. The road is 43 miles long, “La Paz and” karaiko ” is used as the connecting road between the two places. Road about 2000 feet above the ground and it is so narrow that ...

  • 4 February

    Phantom call on your phone !!!


    Have you ever happen that you heard on your mobile phone to ring, even though you did not call? … Heard. There is nothing to fear. You are not alone. There are others like you in this complaint. Not only that, you may have even vibration options that do not ...

  • 3 February

    Which can you eat to keep away nausea .


    Irregular or uncontrolled eating habits are a lot of nausea. Close vomiting drugs are not available in a lot of time to achieve the desired results. This is due to vomit a lot of ground travel may be. Some of the foods that can deal with this uncomfortable situation. Let’s ...

  • 2 February

    HP laptop after-sales service for two years.


    HP technology companies in the United States, the brand has a specific model, two years after sales service. The HP laptops imported Smart Technologies (BD) Limited to 127 HP 14 series models, the AC is on a two-year service. In this model, the U 5005 models 5th generation Intel Core ...

  • 2 February

    Some useful shortcuts to YouTube


    YouTube video watch and share videos to popular websites. Browsing through any computer software can be seen on YouTube. The mobile phone apps for viewing on YouTube. YouTube also learned some shortcuts and techniques, you can easily use YouTube. Let’s see strategies. Loop: If you need to visit more than ...