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February, 2016

  • 15 February

    5 skin Pack for yellow skin Vivid, bright and sparkling green!

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    . This device spice in South Asian culture, genre, program-episode involved Variable to variable . Beauty care also like to mention the contribution. Before the wedding, the bride-groom with a beautiful touch to show yellow face has become a rule. Turmeric can be called natural cosmetics. It has bright color, ...

November, 2015

  • 27 November

    Find out the simple technique of face pack!

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    These benefits include face pack’s – To remove acne – Cleanses the mouth – Pora short – Smooth skin – Burning away – The skin comes to light – To remove bacteria from the skin – Skin color shine What is the benefit? Lemon juice, which contain alpha hydroxy acid ...

  • 18 November

    Remove a few exercises to reduce stomach fat in just 5 minutes!

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    All men and women are worried about abdominal fat. Abdominal fat faster than other parts of the body. Abdominal fat diet to lose weight but do not want to go down easily. One of the main causes of abdominal fat deposits in our life-style. Working in the office at all ...

  • 8 November

    rokomari story directory 237 (video)

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    Bollywood diva Aishwarya Rai today joined the panel of Women of the United Nations gender equality in the film industry during his first appearance this year during the International Film Festival of Cannes. The esteemed panel includes general of the UN Women Elizabeth Nyamayaro, Hollywood actresses Salma Hayek and Parker ...

  • 5 November

    The cucumbers and lemon domination of beauty care!

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    For beauty care we use a lot of vegetables and fruits from the most used and effective of the lemon and cucumber. Lemons are widely used in a lot of food at the same time beauty care helpful. Just as the food is not the only use of lemon in ...

October, 2015

  • 19 October

    7 beauty tips of beautiful skin and hair!

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      Most people are born with beautiful skin and hair. But Karnataka types of unwanted hair is damaged. But there are ways to limit the damage. I was not writing about nine. Rough, oily and combination skin If your skin is rough, greasy and mixed, then you can use this ...

  • 18 October

    Get Whiten Skin from Orange Fruits!

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        The most important in the skin care ingredient is vitamin C, which is available in abundance of oranges. In addition, oranges are bleaching properties that can lighten your skin tone. It has been found that regular consumption of fresh orange juice can improve overall skin texture and flexibility. ...