Hrithik ”Mohenjo daro” make history with it’s trailer(video)

Mohenjo daro

Ashutosh Goyarikara came back on the screen again ,with  Hrithik Roshan partnershi after the widespread popularity of ‘Jodhaa Akbar’ . As a result, people excited about Mohenjo daro. Since the start of the movie construction of film about the excitement in the audience. Yesterday it was learned, the evening Ashutosh Goyarikara is ...

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Crore view of Imran song


YouTube, the most popular singer of the song, Imran Mahmudul “bolte bolte cholte cholte” has seen 1 million times. Pride in the country’s artists like to say. Such is the fate of the very few artists. The video was uploaded to YouTube channel of its own, a total of Mahmud ...

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Sonam appears in the video for Coldplay


Sonam Kapoor, who is currently busy promoting the film Neerja, said he feels honored to be part of the music video of Coldplay. The 30-year-old Bollywood beauty will be the next single anthem of the British band for the weekend, along with Beyonce. Expressing emotion to function Coldplay single second ...

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Cars will run without steering

buss pic

The front and rear wheels of religion. If you go left or right to turn the wheel. If you can not turn expedited the right and the left, in front of the rear wheels and then passed to religion. Makanam invention of the wheel, which has a wheel on either ...

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Robots acting in movies like humans!


Think about a robot that comes to mind is a combination of mechanical structure of the device. But Beijing will not feel it at the World Robot Exhibition. Several robots, one of which is shown here exactly look like a man. According to a report in the Daily Mail. Geminyed ...

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Knife adept robot

robot picccccc

Remember venomous snakes to guard diamond crown? To really bite to eat. To protect her from the poison that is able to steal the crown! Day has changed. Instead of a dog to guard the house has electric gates. Instead, the closed-circuit camera security guard. And why worry about protecting ...

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Different flavors of cream of tomato soup on a cold wintry

recp pic 1

To wear a sweater in the winter has not come yet, but back up there in the evening frost is in the air but the body trembles. Tremor can then remove tea and coffee kapatai fund. How about some more fun to eat at? Ask for a mild winter, a ...

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Remove a few exercises to reduce stomach fat in just 5 minutes!

diet pic

All men and women are worried about abdominal fat. Abdominal fat faster than other parts of the body. Abdominal fat diet to lose weight but do not want to go down easily. One of the main causes of abdominal fat deposits in our life-style. Working in the office at all ...

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Take a spring roll itself raper

spring roll pic

Many people like to create different flavors of spring roll. Spring roll over the top of the rankings, but do not want to trouble anyone. Check with the hassle-free way, spring roll raper home made recipes. Be yourself, there will be no interruption to eat spring roll. Materials  – ...

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The biscuits made with flour is too much delicious!


Cakes and biscuits made tremendous uproar, especially those of the pure Bengali cook for them. Cookies can make the flour, butter, etc. Essence. What if they are not at home, but will not be baking? It is not! It is made with flour and butter out of a biscuit recipe! ...

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