Samsung’s smartphone for business a new face!

samsung pic

To strengthen the management structure of their own place in the smartphone market, Samsung has brought a big change. As the officer in charge of the daily management of the company’s smartphone joining Dongjing Koh. The Koh-2009 electronic products manufacturers including Samsung’s JK Shin took over as chief executive. Since ...

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Gold inlaid Phone!

golden phone pic

The Android version of BlackBerry comes on the market. Prive model name. Gold plated version of the phone market, leaving an institution in Vietnam. 4-carat gold has been used in the phone. Caralux the company name. Gold plated iPhone version on the market before they left. Caralux name of this ...

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Why is the earth round?

earth pic

Science, big bang One day the universe was born. The temperature of the universe was at first. After the explosion, the universe expanded rapidly. As the temperature decreases. The first is caused by the reduction in the temperature of the particulate. Quarks, protons, electrons, neutrons, neutrinos, etc.. After the creation ...

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Bill Gates is investing in green technology!

bilgates pic

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates on Monday with the head of the French government to Pollution free energy research and development initiatives is a step in the multi-billion dollar going to start. This initiative is called the Clean Tech or green technology. On the opening day of the UN Climate Change Conference ...

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Smart watch is Fitness Tracker!

smart watch pic

Huawei fitness band released an affordable price. This is a series of Huawei’s honor. Z1 model hanara band. See it as a smart watch. Fitness Tracker and smart watch it will work both ways. Huawei’s brand in the fitness linking staipa smooth steel. It includes 269 olida display. The display ...

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5 dollars raspberries pie’s new computer!


  The miniature computer has great popularity in the market price of the raspberry pie. Consequently, the company brings to the market the Zero Raspberry pie. The miniature computer has great popularity in the market price of the raspberry pie. Consequently, the company brings to the market the Zero Raspberry ...

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Most slim 6-inch smart phone!

6-inchi-smart-phone- pic

“Most Advanced flagship smartphone called the company’s renowned technology brought Huawei call them. At the end of this year, the highest technology of the phone models this year Huawei Met 8. Phone has a 6-inch full HD display. This is the first Chinese-made phones themselves Huawei Octa-core processor has access ...

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Cars will run without steering (Video)

buss pic

The front and rear wheels of religion. If you go left or right to turn the wheel. If you can not turn expedited the right and the left, in front of the rear wheels and then passed to religion. Makanam invention of the wheel, which has a wheel on either ...

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Robots acting in movies like humans!(Video)


Think about a robot that comes to mind is a combination of mechanical structure of the device. But Beijing will not feel it at the World Robot Exhibition. Several robots, one of which is shown here exactly look like a man. According to a report in the Daily Mail. Geminyed ...

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You can eaisly find out that:Those facebook friend are unfriend you!

fb unfrined pic

  Many of the Internet generation of online social networking sites such as Facebook-Twitter can not imagine life without. But there is a lot of time, any Facebook friends ‘silence’ relationship ended. Although circumstances have nothing to be embarrassed or upset. No way again girlfriend, no friends when you steal ...

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