Very easy to create at home “super-soft” bun burgers!

recp pic burger

Want to create a home bakery bun burgers? Sadia Khan Chowdhury, then you know this simple recipe. The soft, fluffy, like a burger bun, and we will not mind. But by itself can not lick them. Materials Flour – half cup Ista – two and a half teaspoons Baking powder ...

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Cow / goat amusing grey matter food “spicy grey matter roasted”

reciepe pic

Do you know how many types of brain recipe cows or castrated. Those who prefer a little spanish food, today’s recipe for them. Atiya Amjad spicy brain is fantastic recipes. Materials – Beef brain 1 am / pm when castrated (not in the vein of pieces need to be washed) ...

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Wept longevity increases !

cry pic

Wept longevity increases What did not just smile, cry leads to longevity. Available with Wept not only leads to more and more! Laughing is healthy, the club is forced to smile. But a little behind in tears. This will reduce the load on the heart, learn from the exhaustion. The ...

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Coming “anti-selfie pill” to save the Selfie craziness!

selfie tablet pic

Selfie at the present time is a widely studied. Camera or using the phone, but less than the number of people who are not exposed selfie. Especially adolescents, young people are much more in selfie the trend. But now it has become a kind of disease. For many people addicted ...

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Easily create a “Perfect” chiffon cake (recipe and video)

chiffon cake pic

Cakes to people who do not like the food over there! Many different flavors of the cake bakery can be found. Sifon of the cake is popular. Very soft, fluffy cake is big or small, so this is all too much choice. But not all the stores are always available ...

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Fruit flavors custard!

fruit pic

  The name is really the sweet dessert, two, vermicelli think about it, but due to our geographical and weather conditions in the West has come to us with some food. Most of the dessert items. Today, there is such a meal of fruit custard recipe. Let’s see how to ...

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The cucumbers and lemon domination of beauty care!

sosa pic

For beauty care we use a lot of vegetables and fruits from the most used and effective of the lemon and cucumber. Lemons are widely used in a lot of food at the same time beauty care helpful. Just as the food is not the only use of lemon in ...

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make up for pregnant woman!


  Pregnant woman with a heart-rending for the information, which will be good for your children when you got in trouble. Are you pregnant? They keep themselves very much love. But be careful, use makeup during pregnancy may harm your unborn child. Recently, a study in the Public Library of ...

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Disadvantage of high hill!

hil picccc

Since the beginning of the year, I have been focusing hard not only to eat better, but feel better, both physically and mentally. I’ve made some good progress towards healthier eating the last 4-5 years, but there are areas in my life that could certainly use some improvements, including obtaining ...

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Remove eye makeup easily!

care of eye

You do not have time for intensive skin care? Pamper yourself with the basics. Good skin care and healthy lifestyle can help delay the natural aging process and prevent various skin problems. Start with these five tips meaningless. 1. Protect yourself from the sun One of the most important ways ...

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