Tips to keeping egg good for a long time


Eggs usually can not be stored for long time .Not if you have no freeze.You can’t keep egg  normal more than 2-3 days in this hot summer day . Although refrigerated eggs should be eaten within four to five days. Otherwise might be lost. However, there is a way of preserving ...

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With tooth and nail up the habit of cutting strategies 8


When you’re nervous or during deep thought or reason, many bad habits to cut the nails with his teeth. This is more common in children with bad habits, but it sometimes occurs among adults. This is the nail, such as nail damage is damage and healthy. It is difficult to ...

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Believe it or not, the size of your heel can reveal your ambition


If you want to know how ambitious your friend is, look – and not kneel – at his heels. According to investigators, the election of a woman to fit in a crowd or stand may depend on the size of her high heels which explains the deep human need for ...

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Remove the skin and reduce the 10 years use of 1 pack


Try to keep the old man from the beginning. But with the increase of the natural age of the exposed skin. Wrinkles do what we say. We have so many things to do to prevent wrinkles. It is of little effect! One of the most beautiful women in the world ...

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Know some of the health benefits of diverse yawn!


Usually high lethargy, boredom and fatigue symptoms are considered. Contagious nature of social expresses displeasure at any point is raised high. Ever wondered what that yawning may be beneficial for your health? Yawn is really beneficial for your general health and brain. Let us know if there is no scientific ...

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5 skin Pack for yellow skin Vivid, bright and sparkling green!

life style

. This device spice in South Asian culture, genre, program-episode involved Variable to variable . Beauty care also like to mention the contribution. Before the wedding, the bride-groom with a beautiful touch to show yellow face has become a rule. Turmeric can be called natural cosmetics. It has bright color, ...

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Three ways to keep skin healthy scrubbing!


Scrubbing the skin healthy. Using Scrub to remove dead skin cells on a regular basis. The skin is soft and smooth. Scrub the skin sensitive to the use of chemicals is not rich. The skin may be compromised. Scrub means to use domestically made more secure, because there is fear ...

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Clean hair without shampoo!


Several studies have shown that about most people suffering from hair problems. Some dandruff problem, some hair loss is going to be disappointed with some rough hair. It is true that, if the hair shampoo and hair to the national problem is less clear. However, it is not right at ...

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Delicious Cauliflower dalana.


Winter means a plethora of fresh vegetables. As soon as dawn broke sirasire air market filled with small, large various sizes, fresh, packed phulakapite. Coconut, rice or potato-cauliflower with khicurira mukharuci dalana could be one of the terms. In front of the guests may be cauliflower vegetable dalana great taste. ...

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5 ways to increase the brightness of white cloth.


White clothes are dirty too quickly and soon lose brightness. The brightness of the white stuff once it’s lost quite difficult to get back. Use warm water to wash clothes. This cloth will remove dirt very easily. Baking soda, lemon juice or vinegar helps to maintain the brightness of the ...

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