6 child’s birth together!

6 child born pic

  Chittagong has given birth to six children together Rafia Anwar (5) as a mother. Jemins Red Crescent maternity hospital without surgery Saturday morning, six children were born. However have died, and two children have survived. Chittagong has given birth to six children together Rafia Anwar (5) as a mother. ...

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Sydney’s seashore wonderful dense cloud (video)

cloud strange pic

Rain fall before hanging bundle of thick bewitch showed up in Sydney, Australia. Thousands of people on a beach in Sydney overcame the unprecedented visual scene. Murphy, a witness to the experience, saying, “My only thought was to go to the beach walk towards the sea from the coast to ...

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Two sun in the same sky! [Video]

two sun pic

If you get up in the morning and saw the sun shining in the sky, but the two things you want to astonished . Indeed, at the beginning you will cry. Do not skimp on the matter and inform the people. So the two together in the sun in the ...

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China city’s floating in the sky new town !! The locals claim. (With video)

china pic

    In China, thousands of people have claimed they saw floating city in the sky. In Jiangxi and the clouds looked stunned citizens of the town be visible. Many people were beginning to believe, but it’s a bit of a parallel world or a witness? But the scientists said, ...

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South Indian sabudana hodgepodge of worship plate (video)

khichuri piccccc

    Hodgepodge with coconut-vegetable pretty good accumulation of worship. It is always to create a hodgepodge of rice and dal. Let this worship is not any food taste different. A meal is popular in southern India sabudana hodgepodge. hodgepodge can easily be made at the different tastes. Materials 1½ ...

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5 banned video (Video)

5 video pic

     US journalist Christine Chubbakkas worked in a popular TV channel in Florida. Chat live report at the time he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head, Christine. The camera records all of his suicide. According to colleagues, Christine had been suffering from fatigue over the day. A ...

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Make testy sesame laddo at home (Video Recipe)


‘ About leaving the autumnal Durga Puja this year. Activities and more important, the joy of worship is complete without Nadu? not at all. Before the house of worship more important to remove the sesame amusing. Abe this dish is made with a material very easily. Let’s assume that the ...

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Vitamin D to reduce the progression of low-grade prostate cancer

vitamin D

According to recent research, consumption of vitamin D can lead to reduction or even reverse the progression of low-grade prostate cancer without surgery or radiation. The aggressiveness of the tumor after a prostate biopsy Gleason was measured Grading System and tumors with Gleason scores of 7 and above is considered ...

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Tinejaradera as incorrect


From thartina nainataina, bayasatai restless. At the heart of this passion dashing across. Change comes to the body. Became warm heart. The impossible dream in mind. Among the changes tinejaradera perfection. It will conquer the world. But this time, they do not understand a lot of that goes wrong, which ...

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Twister burned genitals lover lover

Twister burned genitals lover lover

Girl hiding a secret love more majechilena twister lover. However, the ‘thief’ caught reading it one day. The secret is not a secret. So this happened in the case. For lover had another lover. You can understand, he came to believe that which the blind, the man took the opportunity ...

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