Seventh Five-Year Plan: The big challenge will be to achieve the targets

২0২0 in the country’s GDP growth of 8 percent, which is designed to estimate the Seventh Five-Year Plan. While the sixth five-year plan to achieve the average growth target of 6 percent to 7 percent to 3 percent of the catch 3. But the planning commission, the targets will be achieved in the next five years.

Analysts believe, gas, electricity, infrastructure development, investment projects will be increased by the end of the challenge.

As part of the plan in the short term since independence, the five-year plan has been completed up to 6 015. According to the statistics, in 1973 the 5-year growth plan never desired goal was reached. Targets not met, but did not stop the pace of growth to increase. The increase in the average growth of 6 percent to 3 percent of the plan.

The Seventh Five-Year Plan for the 20162020 period of 5 years with an average growth of 7 percent to 4 percent of the catch.

016 on the 7 percent to 8 percent in ২0২0 from the targets. This growth, practical, timely, referring to a member of the Planning Commission said. Shamsul Alam, increased investment to meet the targets, including all the aspects of the plan have been asked.

Additional research director Dr. CPD. Moazzam serve the goal of achieving strong investment framework for foreign investment as well as domestic small and medium enterprises and large industries will be able to create opportunities.

Seventh Five-Year Plan ২0২0 3 million to 60 million people by the year employment creation and has set a target to export 60 billion dollars. That is double the export of these targets.

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