Walk the walk is to relieve suffering

Lexus has hobharabordera you already know about this. Another walk is the same task, the inventor came up with the Japanese. However, this feature walk-car technology has made it very easy.

Electric device on the destination, you will be able to walk without pain. And you can easily put in the bag.

This use has been made of aluminum lithium battery bordatite.

Technology has myasebala bsiyaka website, made this walk karati kuniyako saito engineering student.

Saito said, “If I were to go to any discovery could be difficult to reduce it again to us, which can be carried easily. At the end of the work the gate can be inserted into the bag, then maybe it would be much more comfortable. I have thought of all of the vehicles into the bag. I wanted to create a comfortable and small vehicle. I was a master of the electric car motor control system, when one of my friends said, to make something that can easily be carried in the vehicle will work. ”

The advantage of the short walk to find a car that can run on any street, can rise to the top, at the top of the heavy accessories will not be much of a hardship.

This is the twenty-first century, the magic carpet ride is so short. How long walk to the car to charge or no information was found about the effectiveness.

However, the smaller the vehicle will cost US $ 800. It may be the middle of next year on the market. Motors are working with the commercial production of cocoa tokiobhittika.

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