Most of the transactions are viewed shares

Most of the company’s shares on the first working day of the week in the country’s two stock exchange days darapatanera running transactions.
And most of all shares sucakai viewed than the previous day’s two stock exchanges fell.

Sunday afternoon, according to the latest available data, the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), a total of 318 companies were traded shares and mutual funds. The price increase and a decrease of 06 out of 74 seats. The transaction was worth 38 shares remained unchanged.

Until the DSE-X index lower than the previous day 4 thousand 790 points, 18 points, DSE-S index dropped 4 points to 186 points and the DSE 1 of 1 thousand 849 -30 index points were reduced by 9 points.

The turnover of around 41 to around two crore shares and mutual funds are bought and sold.

Meanwhile, the Dhaka Stock Exchange and Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) on Sunday, most of the shares are trading darapatanera through the day.

39 am to noon the company’s total shares and mutual funds traded on the CSE said. The price increase and a decrease of 51 out of 153. The transaction was unchanged from the previous 35 days at the company.

Turnover on the CSE all share index of the most viewed downward trend going.

-50 CSE index dropped 5 points to 1 at the end of trading day of the 70-point, CSE-30 index dropped 87 points, 1 thousand 322 points, 49 points siesasieksa index decreased 8 thousand 950 points, sieesapiai index dropped 81 points to 14 points and the CSI 699 Index of 4 Point 1 of the 43 points were reduced.

The CSE during the nearly 8 million shares were traded and mutual funds.

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