If tax harassment immediate action ‘

If the small business tax rate to logical rules. However, the taxation of most business people are being harassed on a regular basis. They allege that the large amount of “extra money” if the cases are being harassed in many ways.
On Monday, at a meeting held in the capital Dhaka -6 territory that traders complained. In response to the region’s trade commissioner assured. Mephataha Uddin Khan, harassment immediate action will be taken against the responsible tax officials.
The discussion of taxes as well as increasing demand for an end to harassment of business leaders proposed a gradual increase. The meeting at the Marriott at the Convention Centre in Dhanmondi business tax commissioner, said after listening to the president, is being harassed by the tax, it will be closed. For the taxpayers to contact directly
He proposed.
Mephataha Uddin, harassment stop centers have been launched already. The center is being monitored round the clock by cameras. Immediate action will be taken if any kind of harassment, he said. He said that one day every month to listen to the problems of the taxpayers ‘tax caress Day’ is currently launching. She wants to expand the scope of cooperation in business taxes to taxpayers.
The Commissioner said that from now on, will be given a certificate by the Association of taxpayers in the region. He wants a list of the members of the business association. He was handed over to the taxpayer of the no seaport?.
Who sparkles in Bangladesh Shop Owners Association president at the SA to do more to stop the harassment, pointing at the field-level officials in order to bring. Mandating them to do the same with the pressure off. He said the VAT increase small business is not increasing the tax base. To reduce the rate of VAT to taxpayers demanded.
Dhaka City Shop Owners Association president Ehsan said Tawfiq, tax officials do not even realize it. They earned the foregoing techniques. If you do not stop earning additional money to taxpayers
Do not be interested.
City Corporation Market Federation of New Market Shop Owners Association president Zaheer Uddin Babar said, after being harassed sbanirdharani taxes. The recent political unrest can not be traded. The surtax is imposed on the owner of the shop to bring hundreds of millions of taxpayers outside the city, he said.
Dhaka City Shopping Mall Shop Owners Association president MA Hannan Azad advised to increase the benefits to taxpayers. He said that every trader for taxpayers to bribe another cycle is regular. Everyone knows about it. It does not stop
Traders will be forced to stop the tax, he said.

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