Salamane blind jyakalinera

Jyakalina Fernandez said, Salman Khan believes he blindly. “Bajarangi positive” in his life, his life would have been one of Sri Lanka said that Bollywood star.

Salman is full of praise for the star said in a recent interview, “Salman is a great man. He stood by the people. My blind faith in him. He is one of the most important steps in my life. ”

Important as well, because this Salman Khan was recovered with the help of the jyakalinera myaramyare career. Salman Khan’s blockbuster in 014 ‘kick’ of the heroine of the film through the film jyakalina get the chance. From there, his career has entered a new phase. Jyakalina bholenani he remembered gratefully acknowledges, “Salman added a new dimension to my career. Do not ever forget what he’s done for me. He sees me personally as a family friend. Several suggested. It’s great for me to get. ”

Salamane blind jyakalinera
Speculation about Salman jyakalinera ghanisthata collected uthechilo
Not only that, the new jobs in the region before any movie or actor jyakalina took the advice. Because he believes that visitors understand very well what it wants Salman. But he also said, “Salman and I took advice from the theteka. However, he said, do not take advice from that, the decision will take me. ”

After the success of the first movie “Kick II jyakalina dropped. Meanwhile, the producer confirmed, sikyuyele jyakalinake being kept against Salman. But why, is not known.

However, at the time of jyakalinera evil eternity, this year has signed three new films. Friday released its new movie “bangistana. Source: NDTV

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