Ahead of the results of the madrasa, the lowest Jessore Board

Siksabordagulora results ahead of madrasa education. Their pass rate is 90 to 19 percent. And 46 percent to 45 percent of the low-pass Jessore Board. More than 18 of the 893 GPA-5 achievers in education and the low Barisal Board, 1 thousand 319 people.
015 HSC and equivalent examinations and the average passing rate of 69 percent to 60 percent. The last time the rate was 78 percent to 33 percent. That represented a 73 percent passing rate of 8 per cent. Students in the pass rate dropped to 9 percent to 90 percent. Criteria to determine the merit of 4 894 students secured GPA-5. Last year, the number was 57 thousand 789 people. Compared to last year the number has decreased as a result of the receipt of 14 thousand 895 students secured GPA-5.

According to the order of the results of the technical education, 58 percent to 85 percent, 77 percent, 54 percent of Rajshahi Education, Sylhet Education, 74 percent, 57 percent, 70 percent, 43 percent of Dinajpur Education Board, Barisal Education, 06 percent, 70 percent, 68 percent, 16 percent of Baby on board, Chittagong Education Board 63 represented 49 per cent, 80 per cent of the Comilla and Jessore Education Board, 59 percent, 46 percent and 45 percent of the students passed.

Board-based technical education 6 of GPA-5 430, 5 of the 50 people on board, Rajshahi, Dinajpur two of the 293 people on board, two of the 129 people in Chittagong, Jessore Board 1 927 thousands, Comilla board, 1 of the 45 people on board, 1 of madrassah 435 and 356 of the Sylhet Board 1

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