138 million in remittance income in July

Remittances sent home by expatriates is continuing upward. 201516 a month in the first fiscal year (July) 138 million to 70 million US dollars in remittances sent by expatriates. To-date information from the central bank report said. According to the Bangladesh Bank, the single month of July, 138 million to 70 million dollars in overseas banking channel has the same amount of money.
In July, the amount of 014 million dollars, 149 million 4. In July, the state-owned commercial banks and remittance of $ 41 million to 36 million. Specialized sector of Bangladesh Krishi Bank, the remittance of the 74 million to one billion dollars.

Native-owned private sector banks have 94 billion dollars. The remittance of foreign ownership has come through the one million to 50 million dollars. 530 crore in the last fiscal year of expatriates (15 percent to 30 billion) dollars in remittances sent. Bangladesh Bank, remittances, according to the report.

013-14 of the fiscal year had a turnover of 423 million US dollars sent home by workers. More than 107 million dollars in the fiscal year that has passed. As a percentage of 7 percent to 53 percent higher than the previous fiscal year.

The expatriates 013-14 fiscal year revenue was less than two percent of the 201213 fiscal year. 201415 last month of the fiscal year on June 14 sent billions of dollars overseas. In the last fiscal year and the second highest single month this year, as this money was the third highest.

Bangladesh Bank remittance information is reviewed, the first month of the fiscal year ending 30 June 201415 July 5 billion 149 million dollars in remittances come. That is the highest remittance in the country’s history as the single month. Bangladesh Bank official said, to bring remittance through banking channels, the central bank has increased the flow of nanamukhi initiatives. The foreign currency exchange rates remain stable, he said, the issue of the role.

14 percent of the 201213 fiscal year, 1 percent to 46 billion dollars and 84 billion dollars in remittances were 011-1. The central bank increased the reserve 5 percent remittance of $ 03 billion of foreign exchange accumulation (Reserve) increased. 6 June record over the past 5 billion reserve ‘fenced’ cross.

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