Shawkat Mahmud detained BFUJ

Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists (BFUJ) President Shaukat Mahmood faction sadasyaraataka law enforcers have arrested the members of the law-enforcers, he still could not be sure where he went.
Tuesday morning at 11 am in front of the convention center in the capital’s Panthapath Samurah were arrested. Samurah Convention Centre, the movement of the cover was supposed to be a press conference. Shaukat Mahmood went there to attend the press conference. Meanwhile, the police locked the Samurah Convention Center.

Emajauddina confirmed the arrest of the university, “said the president of the Federal Union of Journalists and the National Press Club president Shawkat Mahmud, held twice a reprehensible incident. We demand the government to release him immediately. ”

When contacted, the Tejgaon police inspector Saiful Islam denies arrest karenagunjana is heard, kalabagan police arrested Mahmoud Shawkat. When she contacted the police chief Iqbal Bhuiyan said, “We have not arrested Mahmoud Shawkat. ‘

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