Pustigune lime filled the disease medicine

Lime, grapefruit, because we know that, it’s a tart-sweet fruit. English name lime Pomelo (pummelo or pommelo) and the scientific name Citrus maxima or Citrus grandis.

Pamelo it in different languages, jabam, known as syadaka etc. This is the citrus fruit; 1525 cm in diameter constructed 1 kg weight of the debate. Adibhumi of South and South-East Asia. It is a vitamin-rich fruit. Many of improved nutrition. In Bangladesh, it is not sufficient as a result of seasonal reception. There’s also a lot of times because of the herb.


One cup contains the equivalent of 100 grams of grape-lemon: Calories, 37 grams, 92 grams carbohydrate, .4 grams of protein, two grams fat, 7 grams of fiber or fiber 1. villages and sugar.

Lime will protect you all the diseases and problems from within

1. Cancer Prevention:

There are plenty of grape-lemon bayophyabhonayeda. The cancer cells develop resistance. Due to free the body from excessive estrogen in breast cancer treatment is the role of lime. Protest cancer lime able to play an effective role.

II. Beneficial to heart:

There is a considerable amount of grape-lemon potassium, vitamin C. As a result, blood pressure control, the role of lime. Controlled blood pressure and heart disease is beneficial. Lime reduces blood cholesterol levels.

3. Effective digestion problems:

Due to the extremely helpful to digest the food acid lime. Alkali-made food after the re-action lime juice helps in the digestion.

4. Increases skin refreshment:

Vitamin C in the absence of elastic the arteries and determination to protect and lime is very effective. This is very beneficial for the skin care. Because, it does not kumcakate skin. As the skin ages not to impress antioxidant grape-lemon.

5. Tooth and gum disease:

Lime leaves are used for diseases of the teeth and gums. Lime juice is beneficial to gum disease.

6. The blood:

Grape-lemon existing pekatina blood vessels and prevents pollutants from the contaminated material to help out. Lime juice and red blood cells, toxins and other pollutants from transport that helps to protect the pure oxygen.

7. Helps to reduce weight:

If you want to lose excess body weight is mandatory for you to eat the lime. Burning Fat in the grape-lemon enzyme, which helps reduce the weight of the starch and sugar absorption.

Lime is now available in the market. As a result of lower domestic prices. Add the lime diet. Stay healthy with lime nutrition.

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