Karallara bitter taste behind

The more or less as soon as karalla familiar with this vegetable. If you do not look like a long table. The bitter taste of many, especially the children want to eat out but karalla, but honestly, foodie bangalii karallara only real taste of understand !!

Karalla ghee fried potatoes with onion over-the taste, it can be easily eaten a rice dish. Karalla or the shrimp, peas or fish with fishbone karallara caccari makho makho karalla with dust … Ah! Rui and fish or fish eggs in the frying karalla taste, mouth will cling to it once. Bengalis tongue classic example varieties of these foods.

Karalla may be bitter blows. However, the bitter taste of itself. Good to know that some of the dishes starting with bitterness in the mouth enhances the activity of the enzyme. As food is digested quickly and easily. And this is why it is helpful in controlling weight.

Over the course of the entire Asia as well as China and India, has been used karalla osudha as diabetes. The plant, which has insulin keeps blood glucose level low. For many years the indigenous people of the Amazon region of South America karalake diabetes, abdominal gas, measles and hipataitisera has been used as medicine. That has been used to reduce high blood pressure, malaria, fever and pain in the head.

Pepper grown in the tropical regions. Such as Asia, East Africa, the Caribbean, South America. More than twice the calcium of spinach and herbs have Ucchya more than twice the potassium of bananas. There is enough iron, lots of vitamin A, vitamin C and fiber. Vitamin A and vitamin C, anti-oxidants, which protect the body’s cells can withhold age! There are more than laikopina lutina. It enhances the immune system. Laikopina powerful anti-oxidant as well.

The study by the University of Colorado Cancer Center in gyeche karalla highly successful way to prevent pancreatic cancer. That was put in a test tube study of human pancreatic cancer cells in cell death, increased use of karallara juice. But how? The fast-growing cancer cells need to grow much glucose or sugar. Karalla glucose metabolism by increasing insulin or break of the emission system. As a result, the cancer cells die, unable to rise. Karalla exactly the same way and under the control of diabetes.

Karalla also reduce blood fat cum traigisnasaraida. And increase good cholesterol HDL. Effective role in controlling blood pressure. Kriminasaka hisabeo karallara hardly compare.

Karalla virus is effective in relieving hisabeo. At hipataitisa, herpes virus, flu, etc., against tough resistance. Liver cancer, leukemia, melanoma, etc. can withstand. Karallara lyaksetibha payakhanake is soft, and is thus meant rigor. E. coli jibanunasi especially effective against the pathogen. This is to prevent diarrhea.

Karalla also highly effective in preventing many different diseases. Karallara juice enhances the performance of the liver, the blood treatment may play an important role. Another name common to have the karallara “usta”.

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