Beware the application of paracetamol

Fever, as well as the effective and safe medicines paracetamol favorite all over the world. But the recent studies, the children’s brain development by interfering paracetamol. Even absent fetal brain development can take on the role of paracetamol in horror.

Uppsala University researchers said in a study in India, Zee News cited. It is said, used paracetamol for pain and fever and was about 10 days old, some of the rats. The researchers found that, after consuming paracetamol in mice during this incompatibility can be seen in mature age.

Even the memory of the mice during the decline stage. Researchers have claimed, child or fetus brain development of the brain during the course of the application of paracetamol can cause serious obstacle.

There is the risk of a far-reaching influence. They say the child was killed as a result of paracetamol intake may adversely affect. Overall, mental strength and intelligence are less likely pyarasitamale violently.

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