Iyaba a maranastrera name

Did you know that ‘yaba’ the two have two places on earth? Among them, one a lagose, another Burkina phasote | Yaba, but we’re going to talk about, it is a drug, which is used for drugs being used in a huge way.

Illness has spread like the killer in our society. In fact, no relationship between the place and with the Yaba neiiyaba a Thai word, which is crazy Crazy medicine or drugs. Because drug use and production in more than name.

In the 1970s, the main ingredient of this drug is banned throughout the world, including Thailand, but Thailand was widely used in the trakacalakadera | Thailand once the drugs were sold petralapampe driver convenience.

Playing the Yaba not sleep, fatigue is not by mass, the rest of the night on the truck | that was anything but an overnight sensation after the terrible accident truck right away, but it is not the way. Khanakhanda to the river and the bridge | |

Key elements of Yaba metamaphitamina | stays with the stimulants caffeine | 5 to 65 from 35 mg to 45 mg of caffeine mixed with metamaphitaminera the tablet color is usually green or reddish orange |

There are a variety of flavors | grapes, orange or vanilla flavors of candy to each others wrong | because they are easy to transport and can be hidden |

The shape of the holes is equal to strara drinkim | flavor, as the sellers can easily attract young people about the harmful and they do not seem | to somewhere | candy Many thought that it was easy to eat |

Let us know metamaphitaminera History | 1919 in Japan as a runny nose and stuffy nose medicines used it | this thing has been used in the past to reduce medabhumri |

During World War II, Japan, Britain, Germany and the United States Army to wake up and eat it fatigue | drugs in the military after the war spread to the stock in the hands of the general public |

Dragata legally in the United States were made in 1950 | The students, truck drivers and athletes have known about the consequences of its indiscriminate use it | and it was banned worldwide in 1970 |

Yaba is now producing most of the country, and the enormous market in Thailand and Bangladesh | America is the world’s most advanced countries of the strike | usage is growing rapidly in other countries in South Asia |

Use of the drug as well as the party and the “ecstasy” of a drug as a cheap alternative to the highly popular American drug ayadiktadera.

Mainly eat Yaba | Many people use a thin aluminum foil and burned with the heat of the smoke | More fiends intravenous take it.

There is a great stimulating power and yaba longer than cocaine because it’s more like ayadiktara | Yaba plays a temporary joy and excitement, insomnia, irritability and aggressive tendency or desire to fight, appetite loss and nausea, sweating, ear-face and the physical demands of the red rose |

However, none at all for a few days | hutspandanera speed increases, blood pressure, respiration and body temperature | raktanaligulora subtle loss of brain hemorrhage and some of them started tearing |

After a few days the iyabasebira feet started to shake, is helusinesana, craziness coloring occurs, it is paranoia | helusinesana rough-and-tumble look at the patient, listens to the voices of gayebi |

The patients in pyaranayate bhugale, many of his feud with | a lot of fights and violence and they prefer to | some body temperature rises, spasm | irritability, unnecessary unpleasantness, vandalism, people who are addicted to Yaba narbhasanese suffers |

Smbaranasakti decreased, and some indecisiveness is starting to show signs of schizophrenia | some crazy hayeyaya | hatasajanita different kinds of depression once their studies are the worst crime, and even suicide are |

Infection in the heart or brain blood-vessel plucked many die | Many dead in the street accident | Some seven to 10 days are up, then die of drug over-doses |

Critical way in the past few years has increased the number of patients addicted to Yaba. Not only boys, girls used the drug in equal steps.

Long-term treatment can get rid of the addiction Yaba | the physical damage may not be fully cured | so addicted person will quickly take to the doctor | to build with the social awareness and prevention.

Get free himself from Yaba dying strike, the free ones and friends of Place.

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