5. Know the medicinal use of turmeric

We use turmeric in cooking to get the first yellow tree roots are boiled for several hours. Then boiled yellow dried powdered root is found in dark yellow colored powder. However, over the years has been the use of yellow as the disease medicine. Chinese herbal products as well as a haludake way.

We know that she holds yellow unique beauty care. But the yellow pills that disease do not know it? There are numerous health benefits of turmeric’s medicinal effectiveness. Yellow works as eyantisepatika. Find out how to use medicinal raw turmeric five. It can take some home health care.

1. Wound healing:

Katachemraya can use yellow as a general antiseptic. Faster wound healing in warm water mixed with turmeric paste on the day wound. Will recover quickly.

II. To remove spots:

Brown spots, age, Wrinkles, skin tint to tint black stain with a small amount of raw turmeric paste mixed with cucumber juice to keep it at the fifteen-twenty minutes. Will be purged within a few days. Turn up the brightness of the skin.

3. Flux-kasite:

Flux-kasite yellow very beneficial. Rebate in a glass of warm milk, yellow, and black pepper powder mixed with a little butter consumption will benefit. Kasito will be eliminated, but the sore throat can be cured.

4. Intestinal cure for the disease:

Yellow cure intestinal diseases. Intestinal disease to get rid of water, mixed with one teaspoon of turmeric juice every day eat raw. Intestinal diseases can be cured. Diarrhea is again treated yellow unique.

5. To clean up the blood:

Aryubeda believe it is the body to clear the blood of yellow. There was a shortage of blood or blood vacuum benefit of playing can be found in a yellow paste. Yellow blood, helping to create. One teaspoon in the morning and a small amount of raw turmeric juice mixed with honey playing regularly will reduce anemia.

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