Healthy eating mango every day out of 5

The mango fruit. Many of the favorite fruits of mango. But we do like to eat mangoes are eaten uncooked they thought only of taste. We do not know many people who ame There are 5 times more healthy for our body, which is very healthy.

1. Helps digestion:

There are some enzymes that break down proteins in mango helps. For this reason, much better for the health of eating heavy meals after eating a mango.

As a result, the various fiber content of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, heavy khabarake probayotika helps to break down faster. This is easily done hajamakriya.

II. Diabetes control:

The index of 41-60, which contain small amounts of Ame glaikemika have an amazing body that regulate the amount of sugar. Sugar helps to additional emissions. Mango Eat as soon as you can after the meal.

3. Reduce cholesterol:

Stay Ame fiber, vitamin C and pekatina body reduces serum cholesterol, especially low density lipoprotein cholesterol, the body which is the cause. So plenty of mango Eat reduce cholesterol.

4. Good for the eyes:

Mango is beneficial for the eyes. Ame plenty of vitamin A, which is found beneficial for the eyes. Vitamin cure night blindness and dry air decreases. The body’s daily requirement of vitamin A. One cup of mango juice is 5 percent.

5. Works as aphrodisiac:

Vitamin E works aphrodisiac. Amer include vitamin E, which helps kamoddipake. This female hormone, to agitate. Vitamin E is switched kamoddipana both men and women because of Ame.

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