Practices that are constantly being affected by your kidneys

A major part of the kidney in different parts of our body. The human body has two kidneys, which controls the level of water in the body and the body of the work is to remove contaminated materials and strain. But constantly threatening kidney disease caused by the negligence of people each year are aktanta.

Kidney disease is a silent killer. Get serious stage because it is not aware of anyone to reach. So we need to make sure their sustatara sustata the kidney. But some of our bad habits and wrong is constantly destroys kidney performance.

1) drink less water

Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day to stay healthy we need. But many people drink less if compared to the needs. Especially in the winter is much less drinking water. The rising levels of toxins and pollutants in the body of the kidneys can not eliminate strain. As a result of the loss of normal kidney. Damage to the kidneys.

Ii) additional sodium diet

If our body needs only 1 teaspoon of salt. Eating more salt than what remains of the Body. The kidney began to lose performance. So be careful about eating foods rich in salt and sodium is more important.

3) Hold down urine

Many people have this bad habit. It is very harmful to the kidneys to hold urine. Bladare severe pressure because of the wear and to continue to grow our mutrathalite bacteria responsible for infections of the kidneys. Do not make it wrong so far as to hold urine.

4) Excessive drinking coffee

004 in August, according to data published in the Journal of the iurolajite revealed that coffee is much more than caffeine increases urinary calcium levels, kidney strain, which can not find, which subsequently creates aksaleta calcium, the calcium aksaletai known as kidney stones. Therefore, refrain from excessive consumption of coffee, do not drink coffee at all, especially to empty.

5) Smoking and drinking

Smoking and alcohol are gradually reduced blood flow to the kidney and kidney performance tends to decline as a result. Due to the different types of kidney disease, including kidney damage occurs.

6) Eat more protein

It takes a lot more time to digest protein. Especially animal protein. These animal protein digestion to reduce our impact on our kidneys. The kidneys gradually loses its normal performance.

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