Heat, cold, cold, delicious ‘lassi’

Comfort is one of the main ways to heat and cold drinks. But it is not like the cold soft drinks. It will meet immediately, so your thirst, but will damage the body, and a lot of teeth. We should have a drink to cool the body and maintain good health. And lassi drink. Today is very easy to learn and quick recipes to create delicious lassi.


– 500 g sweet yogurt

– 1 cup of powdered milk

– According Sugar Sweet

– Half a cup favorite flavors (almond, mango, banana, apple, strawberry, chocolate, etc.)

– The amount of ice pieces

– The amount of water


First a bowl of milk powder, sugar and salt together well, put sugar and milk conflate 10 minutes.
The blender favorite flavor is sweet yogurt and mango, banana, nuts, strawberries, melted chocolate, etc. to blend well.
And the milk, sugar and water in blender and blend well to blend.
Take an ice cube in order to blend in with the snow flake to be a little mixed with lassi.
Now the glass and poured some milk powder and sprinkle chopped nuts on top and serve icy cold delicious ‘lassi’

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