Many times ataphalera

Summer fruit is one of the ataphala. The fruit is in the small cell. Each cell contains a seed inside. That surrounds the seeds are soft and creampie ansatikei eat. Ataphalera quite a few species and variation. Thebaro round rugged raw fruits, green banerra. Spread the sweet fragrance and taste of ripe. Although the beneficial fruits of the poisonous seeds.

1. Ata has resulted in plenty of vitamin C, which is under the control of a high anti-oxidant and free radical protection. The skin aging is delayed.
II. The vitamin is present in the eye, is very beneficial for the hair and skin.
3. Ata Fruit Magnesium helps muscles loose the knot and prevent heart disease.
4. Potassium and vitamin B-6 in the blood of high pressure control and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.
5. Khadyaamsa increase of digestion problems and stomach that.
6. Ataphalera khadyaupadana prevent anemia.

Herb Quality
1. Atagachera roots dysentery bark is used as medicine.
II. Blood is used as a power booster ataphalera Kernel juice.
3. Ataphalera malnutrition problems, the benefits of playing juice mixed with milk.
4. Do not boil the Holy apart again, not even the seeds or leaves phomraya Ata paste mixed with a little salt to the boil to a head when the plate is out of the crowd.
5. The juice of the leaves is used as ukunanasaka.

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