Smartphone mapabe the amount of gas in the air!

All the elements of modern life, a wink News effortlessly conveys the smartphone in your hands. What to do? Online shopping from the bill payment, order food from the geographical location, your favorite smartphone statements of the things you have to nip that in him.

Sahajake easier to be smart in the way the smartphone went one step further. A group of Finnish scientists, courtesy of another feather crown to add to the success of smartphones.

Finnish scientists claim that the smartphone will be able to measure the amount of gas in the air. Find useful, or run a small sensor in Finland, the Technical Research Centre, a team of scientists VT. Ray wave length of light gauge ‘phabri-Pero-intarapheromitara small portion of the sensor.

How this sensor will work?

The length of the waves in the wind, sending the light rays can be understood what kind of mapalei gas reserves there. Because of the speed of light in a variety of different gases. Sensor technology needs to be understood through the analysis of the wave length in the air and his money or how many there are, what kind of gas reserves.

Depending on the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, the performance of the stock. The new device will help to increase the efficiency of your work, scientists say. The sleeping human breath analysis machine, the ‘Sleep Quality’ can be measured.

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