Fatigue 1 cup of coffee

Up in the morning or in the evening when returning home with a cup of coffee can be good manatai. Morning and evening fatigue inactivity giving a shelf services readily lost, sip coffee. Many folks simply are not good for the health of coffee.

Well, if you’ve been drinking 3-4 cups of coffee, then it certainly is not good for you. But only 1 cup of coffee a day is good for your health, especially black coffee. And you know why? 1 cup of black coffee every day just to keep you away from practice for nearly 10 kinds of physical problems. Want to know how? Let’s know about.

1) A Japanese study found that coffee consumption increases the body capillary blood flow. This is to enhance the body’s blood circulation, causing oxygen reaching the body, each cell. This leads to the immune system.

Ii) If you drink coffee before exercise, other than the loss of nearly 10% more calories. As a result, you can lose weight by drinking calories quickly.

3) A study of the University of Georgia as a result of drinking coffee can reduce muscle pain caused problems where nearly 48% of aspirin, taking medication to reduce the national nyaproksena only 5-30%.

4) As a result of drinking jigsaw brain secrete substances called brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which strengthens muscles and muscle problems related to development problems was released.

5) the habit of drinking coffee every day to improve retention. The study found that those who regularly drink coffee have a better memory than others beyond age.

6) Many people think drinking is a problem of the heart, but it is completely the wrong information. The study found that at least 1 cup of coffee per day drinking habits of heart attack and stroke risk is reduced to almost 0%.

7) Every day at least 1 cup of coffee drinking habits, liver cancer, approximately 80% of the fatty acids reduce the risk of disease and hepataitisera.

8) Instant coffee in caffeine-induced fatigue, physical weakness, a weakness that has the ability to remove.

9) It is amazing but true that the type of coffee is particularly effective in reducing the risk of infection dayabetise. The study found that coffee consumption reduced the risk by about 7% per cup.

10) Did you know? As a result, you get to the smell of coffee can only be released from stress. Coffee sapid relax the brain and the brain secrete seretenina. It is like eliminating stress and moods

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