Tulasipatara benefits

Tulasipatake or mother is the queen of herbs. This little article helps to prevent various diseases. Helps to eliminate respiratory problems. It headaches, bad breath, prevent and increase resistance to various diseases. All sterling, you can get just by playing tulasipata day. Some of the attributes of the tulasipatara boldaskai Lifestyle website.

Headache cure:
Tulsi leaves can cure headaches eat. These include strong preventive element nostrils closed. Freed from the headaches. Migraine, sinus, stress, headaches, etc., can only be removed tulasipata plays regularly every day.

Fever medicine:
If you want to decrease your fever is simply not the drugs, however, can be a natural treatment. Tulsi leaves do not eat three times a day until fever reduction and to eat it.

Infection or treatment of infection:
This infection can be eliminated with strong page. Phanjisaidala and anti-bacterial material in Tulsi. So it helps to eliminate the infection.

Kidney stones:
Analysts said Tulsi leaves help cure kidney stones. Tulsi leaves are eaten on an empty stomach in the morning every day, but it will help to remove kidney stones naturally.

Will prevent cough:
If you cough suffer problems if the water can taste tulasipata. Ayantitusibha material will help to remove phlegm. Eksapekatorenta material helps slesmake chest.

For lung:
Tulasipata eat a day keeps the lungs. Raktadhikyajanita polyphenol components in the lungs helps to eliminate the problem.

Facial health:
Tulsi leaves can rub gums after brushing teeth. It will take away the inflammation of the gums and mouth will help eliminate odor.

Disease resistance:
Imiunomodiolotori elements lie in helping to increase disease resistance. This is the kind of body that helps prevent infection.

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