Find out unwanted facial or body hair of an unusual technique to remove!

Such as unwanted hair lose your beauty, so it is very jhameladayakai is clear. Threading or waxing parlor to the intense pain. Hair removal cream, such as the price is high, so is not clean from the Orthodox. The way? The way these secret tips. Some of the material available is very easy to create at home, this special “pack” clear and complete pain-free way to remove unwanted hair anywhere on the body including the face.

You need to do
Two tablespoons of pea
1 tablespoon teaspoon sour yogurt or condensed milk
Two tablespoons good-quality sandalwood powder
1 table spoon of mustard oil well
1 tablespoon rose water
1 pinch of turmeric

* With all these elements to create a paste. If you can give a little ekta water. That would be dense paste.
* The desired position of these groups butter paste. Give a little dry.
* Completely fail. While there will be a little moist, then stayed to pick up with your hands, rub them.
* This will be ghasaya skin as scrubbing, so unwanted hair come from the Orthodox.
* When the whole pack up and wash with plain water. You do not need to have any soap immediately.
* Regular use of the cleansing of hair and grow new hair becomes thinner gajaleo them. You can use or 3 days a week

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