Health advice for teens

Dehasustha growing children and teens have been flowing to the importance of regular practice, doctors jibanacarera. Adequate sleep, moderate eating, exercise, and staying healthy is easy, if you look at cleaning.

Here are excerpts of some important advice to teens stay healthy.

1) Start the day by drinking enough water. The metabolic process in your body, such as the able-bodied, to purify the blood. Generally, doctors recommend drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day. However, there are some nuances in body weight and work degrees. Drink enough water, your body goes out through the urine contaminated materials, helps to maintain weight and disease-resistance increases.

Ii) Develop the habit of sleeping at a specific time every day. In general, teenage girls or boys sleep at least 7-8 hours is considered normal. As a result of increased awareness of time and attention to adequate sleep, reduce anxiety. To wake up in the morning light jogging or exercise. Cycling or walking is good exercise.

3) Make the habit of eating breakfast at the time of the day. Do not delay or skip breakfast, do not let more than ever.

4) junk and fast foods and unhealthy foods completely avoid that. Pustimane rich food consumption habits. High protein, vitamin and mineral rich diet. Before eating any food that does not taste, but more emphasis on food and nutrition.

5) chew food slowly eating habits. Leaving an empty stomach to eat a little. It will strengthen your hajamakriya.

6) exercise 3-5 times a week is essential for children, teens ages. Byayamai from 0 to 30 minutes will increase your physical and mental abilities to a great extent.

7) Clean the important prerequisite for good health. Get up in the morning and at night before going to bed wash their hands and wash well. It will make your skin clean and smooth. He woke up, after eating heavy meals and at night before going to bed to brush. Make sure to brush at least twice, if not three times. Or anywhere outside the house before returning to the bedroom to wash their hands and face.

8) Practice time to stand up straight. Keep the spine straight while working at her desk no.

9) Make confidence born of itself. Any decision not to upset the firm. No injuries or failure, do not become frustrated.

10) any difficulties that parents share with a friend or a close. Develop a friendly relationship with parents.

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