Patients with diabetes to do in summer

Spend time thinking about going on vacation or out of the house! It will have to resort to extra caution. Keen to divert the heat and humidity in the environment for long-term diseases such as diabetes, negative effects on your body.

Additional temperature and humidity conditions to drive the warm weather increased the difficulties in the field of diabetes B-

What kind of hot weather can create problems in patients with diabetes?

In hot weather the body, dehydration is a serious problem. This is the risk of increased blood glucose levels. Patients with diabetes should be taken with food at the taralajatiya and frequently much more emphasis on jalapanera.

Another worrying aspect is the additional heat for diabetes patients, the amount of time the body leads to abnormal blood sugar-reduced and is likely to haipoglaisemiya and hyperglycemia.

What are the risks of diabetes in hot weather?

Bladasugara who were receiving treatment for reducing the risk of hot weather are increasing their haipoglisemiya. Hot and humid weather increases the body’s metabolism, the amount is likely to result haipoglisemiya bararao.

Symptoms may be tired or sweaty summer reading haipoglesimiyara. So they should not be avoided. Take extra care while driving and each dirghabhramanera his blood sugar before and after the test.

Haipo prevention, especially when the physical exertion in the heat, and check back often put on the amount of glucose in the blood. Remember to stay away from carbohydrates to glucose tyabaletajatiya drugs.

Temperature changes in space and time, insulin levels in your body to see. If the blood sugar is low or high medical advice.

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