7 reasons to eat green

Tea is getting on hearing the word of the thirst. Dhumayita face, a cup of hot tea. If you do not want to be pretty ghumai morning tea break. Prices do not want to enable the sidelines of the brain. Many say that tea lovers. And now the world’s most talked-name green tea.

Green Tea’s popularity is increasing day by day. Health conscious people in particular. And this generation of women to the tea is quite interesting. Many of the figure to the right of the green and more are turning to. Along with the green benefits of diet plan to keep it so much that now it has become inevitable. There are also more benefits first line of entrenchment.

Along with the discussion of the Green seven gunagunah
green-tea1. Body fat and weight by increasing metabolism, green and helps to reduce. Haidreteda the body to keep it in a healthy metabolic rate.

II. Many people drink Diet Coke or restrictions of the Green Alternative to think and then it’s good to know that these drinks may increase 70 percent chance of type II diabetes. So, this diet plan is better to keep these vehicles with the exception of green.

3. According to research every third of a cup of green and reduce the chance of stroke.

4. Especially for those who want to reduce body fat, especially beneficial green. It is also faster to prevent weight gain.

5. Those who have started to lose weight, run or walk every day is good news for the green and run or walk for long endurance and helps to maintain energy.

6. Greene from different parts of the body happy and increase the retention of support.

7. Kolestorela blood pressure and to reduce the green and is a great role.

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