Subject: Bangladesh and bisbaparicaya Eighth graders study

Eighth-grader’s favorite students, Neo wishes. Bangladesh and bisbaparicaya matter to you today from the fourth chapter is presented in a creative question and answer. Once the creative section of the well was not the question before exercising.


Senior lecturer

Cambrian School and College, Dhaka

Pratnaparicaya colonial era

Q: Ideal School eighth-grade students were divided into two groups in the study tour. Visiting various historical sites located on the first team. Orbiting around a park next to the university and they were together. Medical students had a history of naming the park. He said the British government is particularly involved with the naming of the park. On the other hand, another group outside Dhaka visiting a historic place to see a city. Teachers said the Sultanate’s capital was built up here.

A. How much is in the Armenian Church?

B. Archaeological What does it mean?

C. Uddipake the first group of students went to the park? Explain.

D. Uddipake seen in the second group of students to analyze the historical importance of the place.


A. In 1781, the Armenian Church are made.

B. ‘Geological’ means old or ancient. The old architecture and works of art, statues or sculptures, jewelry, ancient coins, relics, old furniture, etc. is called.

Pratnanidarsanera through the old man’s social and cultural status, lifestyle, faith-reform, interests or ideas about the profit outlook.

C. The first group of students to its present name was uddipake park Bahadur Shah Park.

Bahadur Shah Park Mughal rule of the history involved with naming. Delhi was named after the emperor.

Bahadur Shah Park stimulates the park. Bahadur Shah Park is located next to the university because there are textbooks. Dhaka Nawab Abdul Ghani park in the middle of the 19th century in the name of Queen Victoria, the Victoria Park. Antaghara field before the park was named. Antaghara field that involves the memory of the Indian soldiers against the British, the struggle for freedom. It took place in 1857. The British called the sepoy revolt had. The Indian army was defeated in the war. Rebel soldiers who were alive, many of them were arrested by the British and hanged them hanging from a tree in the field of antaghara. Exactly 100 years after the tragic events of independence in 1957 was built a monument to honor the soldiers pranadanakari. India, Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Park, the park is named.

D. Uddipake Panam in Sonargaon city’s historic place in the second group of students to meet.

It is also located in Sonargaon, Narayanganj. Involved with the history of the Sultanate.

Uddipake Panamnagar said. There are the textbooks, was the capital of the Sultanate of Sonargaon. During the Mughal era, the importance of the loss of production and business center of muslin sari Sonargaon enough was known for. The famous muslin was so fine and rich that a lot of the stuff in the story or legend was created. The muslin cloth was worth.

Sonargaon was renowned architecture. Many buildings were built in and around the city of Panam in Sonargaon. Many of the 19th century, wealthy businessmen who choose to live in the area of ​​Panam in Sonargaon. They are building a lot of Panam lined the main road duipase made. 5 The building still exists in the city of Panama. 31 on the north side and the south side of the building 1. For the safety of historic buildings surrounding the trench or excavation. European and Mughal architectural buildings of the city of Panama was created.

Sonargaon evidence of burning in one of the independent Sultanate in Bengal. Here now been established Folk Art Museum, which has become the center of attraction during the current domestic and foreign tourists.

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