Reduce the weight of sour taste

There are people who try to lose weight? Keep a list of foods you do eat a little sour.

Pepper, spicy dishes, which studies is the main source of a compound called kyapaseisina tharmojenika the body responsible for the effect. Tharmojenika effect to the body, particularly in calories.

Pepper-and-sour dishes witch ability to destroy cancer cells in the body is kyapaseisinera compound. There are also more common cough and cold resistance power stroke.

Kardiobhyaskulara meal helps to keep away biting problem. Sour foods help the body to get rid of the bad cholesterol, it is the heart healthy.

There are also kyapaseisinera ayantiinaphlemetari material, which helps stop inflammation.

The study found the food spicy and hot pepper veins flexible blood vessels and helps to reduce high blood pressure disturbance

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