Afghanistan’s irrepressible Bangladesh.

“Who will win between Bangladesh and Afghanistan, it is difficult to imagine. Because both teams are strong. However, the player of the country, and I will proceed. Bangladesh is the talk of the Nipu and Suad. Bangladesh is one of the very fastest phutabalara speaker, inveterate opponents of the Afghan football fan or not Bangladesh. In today’s first semi-final of the team that analyzed the Nepal Upendra Singh value.

">Responding to questions from journalists during a press conference yesterday, the group said.

Not just words, to keep themselves ahead of the Bangladesh team training yesterday, shed sweat. BFF local khadimanagare around 3pm when they began to practice football academy are black clouds in the sky. So, the bigger the cloud began to drop not one hour practice Syed Golam Jilani disciples. Could not get much time to practice mindful of the entire water-mud was deep Bangladesh Under-16 team, the Young Turks.

Prolonged rains did not practice, but coach Jilani do not regret it. Saonara the preparation of the first semi-final will be able to fight, he said. To respect the opponent, but not fear. His fears about the rain, “how much force a team to play in the rain, it becomes difficult to understand. If the game goes to a great deal of rain, except that the use of force. There are so worried about the weather. ”

Afghanistan’s irrepressible Bangladesh

In terms of physical energy are in Afghanistan ahead of the coach. However, it is a big obstacle do not think he- “They are physically strong. So our strategy of physical energy, mental energy, instead of taking advantage of the cold. In terms of the mental strength and intelligence ahead of my guys. ”

Sri Lanka in their opening match of the tournament against the light coming from two goals Sarwar Zaman same way, self-confidence, “We do not think the win. Afghanistan is the better team, but India was better than them. ” As usual, his eyes defeated opponent, “the semi-final will be my goal to be scored. As well as collaborate with everyone else. ”

Saad Uddin was favored in the same way as kinetic Nepalese football coach. He appreciated that the two did not just happen in the last two matches, both gave her evidence. Suad told the semi-final of the voices in the same way as the self-confident, have the mentality to win against all the teams in the championship. There was some fear of India. The fear we have passed well. So if everyone can play their natural game, I do not think that Afghanistan will be a big obstacle. ”

Kram captain believes Hussein, “We are fully prepared for the semi-final like this. Hopefully, the team will play better than the last two matches. Our goal is to be champion, to reach that goal, we do not think about anything except win against Afghanistan. ”

Members of the team, but the team is very motivated player injuries. Her little doubt about the possibility of playing coach. However, he refused to worry about it, ‘my place in the team’s reserve bench strength. Each of these team games is to qualify. ”

Ask the people at the press conference yesterday and asked the coach Jilani. Besides, he said, Do-or-die match for today’s match. We want to win. Every player on the team mentally prepared for that. ”

Meanwhile, the Bangladesh coach Hamidullah masaudi Afghanistan agrees difficult opponents. However, his party won the semi-finals, he will say, ‘There’s no one injured. The whole team is looking forward to the semi-final fight. ” Two factors are important in determining the final result as well he was doing, “the final outcome largely depends on the weather and repharinyera. The Creator, but if the weather is good, the quality of the match the referee will change the nature of the motion. ” At their last match in the group stage against Nepal’s displeasure with the referee’s role, he said.

India and Nepal are facing the second semi-final. India and Nepal today, the final tournament before losing to the ease and iron desperate sorrow. Upendra Singh said the coach, “Today’s match is very important for Nepal. You know, the first two rooms we could not win. We went to the finals last season. Fulfilling the dream of every player on the team are looking forward to. They are physically and mentally ready and everyone is very motivated. “