Finally, the last of the ‘Comet’!

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Parimani Shakib Khan starrer ‘Comet’, the last film. Only two songs were left. Gelao hero heroine can not be found, not to be seen again met hero heroine scheduled. In the nearly seven months had passed. Finally, the last of the ‘Comet’ on the rest of the film shooting two songs. After five consecutive days of work in Cox’s Bazar on Thursday ended two songs.

The hero and heroine of the shooting of the film director was stuck Shafiq Hasan said, “It’s too late and they could not be scheduled at the right time. As a result, it has been a little delayed. However, the delay between the songs work well has been completed. ”
Parimani heroine of the film on schedule problems, said: “I alone am not responsible for this. One match schedule does not match the other. Everyone had sidiulajanita. In the end, however, have been able to finish the job well. ”
According to the director, editing, dubbing, background music before the job was finished. The next week, when the song finished editing the image sensor will be submitted. “Comet” has played more film aliraja, Diti, Tanha tasaniya, Happy, Shiva and others Sanu.

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