Susanna wonderful coffee-love!


Iftekhar fiction writings did not marry because of her age, passed. One day after visiting a coffee shop bithike love to him from the author’s works. He teamed with vithis to love the house.

Boredom comes once in their lives. So they began to separate. But the more bitter presents different life to them.
Story ‘coffee’ play. Iftikhar has played the role of a wonderful and Susanna vithis. A year later, they again can be seen ekaphreme. Last year, the filament Tamim Rahman’s ‘Point Blank’ play, they worked together.

‘Coffee’ written and directed by Rakesh Chandra Bose. He said, “Love is timeless journey of my life. The story appeared repeatedly anyabhabe know the story. The play was staged at the thought. ”

Uttara was recently shot in a shooting at play. The sixth day of the festival will be aired at 7 pm on RTV ‘coffee’.



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