Pharstaledira vacationing with Bolt!



After walking around the history of the Olympics to relax the best sprinter Usain Bolt. He has been living with his girlfriend and he retired Casey Bennett. He was hailed as a gatimanaba First Lady. However, some say the girlfriend of the joy of retirement or other reasons.


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He retired at the end of the Olympic Games was announced negotiations with Bolt. But then Brazil 0 JD-year-old woman to spend the night with her secret duyartera picture was leaked. And so begins the debate over Bolt.

JD himself shares with her friends in the picture. From there, the night after the viral picture. Social media makes the picture of the storm. Bolt is the time to give cover matters or girlfriend.

According to the relatives of Bolt, Bolt relationship with Casey over the past two years. Bolt was considered the First Lady. That they decided to get married. But never before with the girl at the Jamaican sprinter did so publicly. Casey kept secret until the name of the Olympics. In the end, however, involved in sex scandal girlfriend in public, he was forced to bring it!

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