You will be really surprised to hear that Ranbir Kapoor explosive confession!


Ranbir Kapoor confession. In an interview recently, he was frank discussion of his relationship with Katrina kaiphera. This time he opened his mouth to private life.
A saksatkarare Ranbir Kapoor has candidly acknowledged his addiction problem. He said,

“Our family taking an intoxicant problem since I have seen small. Has created many problems for him at different times. I accept kaemala drinking and addicted balacale. “Though his addiction, Ranbir clearly informed at the time, or he does not divulge. Thus, at the time, however, he took these things have been around. However, his favorite drink cold soft drink, but there is no suratei his consent.

Career came to a fork in such a frank confession, I think everyone can show the courage to do.

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