This mixture of domestic kulakuci a minute. That would be like a pearl white teeth



Many people feel embarrassed for social gatherings. They often suffer from petty dentists whose color is yellow. Their self-esteem was low water. But how can be white, yellow teeth? You can take help of modern medicine. Dentists be eliminated as the cause of the yellow coloring takes time, so it is likely kharacerao large sum of money. Academy of Alternative Medicine and Research, Toronto, so the researchers are tracing a national strategy which will make it easier Within moments yellow teeth white.
Know what to do. A quarter of a glass, fill with vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is best if you can use. Please fill the rest with water. Minutes later, with the same mixture to kulakuci. The usual way to brush their teeth with toothpaste. Dentists yellow coloring was so much to see. A few days after the application of this strategy to get incredible results.

But there are some things to keep in mind when using this mixture will be

First of all, do not let the zero tolerance in the face of water mixed with vinegar directly.

Secondly, must shake the bottle before use vinegar will.

Third, more than once a day is better not to apply the mixture. For additional apply vinegar to your tooth enamel is damaged.

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