Aparna Shabana film again



Mrinal Sen’s ‘One day acanaka’ Do you remember the film? Shabana Azmi disappearance of a teacher in this film played the role of the teacher’s elder daughter. Aparna Sen and the student, the teacher, with whom relations became.
Aparna Sen and Shabana Azmi-Indian film two “serious” actress may know, many of friendship to each other. Aparna-Shabana pair has in the past several important films.
Aparna Sen has his hands on the new film. According to a number of Indian media, “sanata ‘(Sonata) film will be titled in English. After a long time, and they will play together again, Aparna Sen and Shabana Azmi. Dubey is also lileta. Another important data is, this is the first time for the film, or Shabana Azmi has trained Tagore.
Earlier, directed by Aparna ‘faithful’ and ‘Fifty Shabana played ayabhiniute park.

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