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Centella asiatica leaf around the birth of our house, there are many advantages. Wound healing problems or centella asiatica leaves the stomach quite effective. Not only is the loss of hair fall extraordinary times.

Centella asiatica leaves many sauces made Khan. Pimyajura centella asiatica leaves can be eaten with or without the bhaji.
Let us see some of the unknown guna

Ksata effective cure of the page. When the water is boiled leaves wounds on the old wound, and the wound is healing wounds on the new bete was put on the wound. Itch itch itch and prevent undried turmeric juice mixed with the juice of the body, it is like makhale.

If you have forgotten memory, as well as enhancements prayai milk powder and mix one teaspoon of dried centella asiatica leaf extract centella asiatica play or two tablespoons of playing before the mid-day meal benefits.

Cula and reduce the body to retain youthfulness 5-6 with 1 glass of cow’s milk with a teaspoon of olive leaves to eat.

Centella asiatica leaves petera wide range of problems. Diarrhea, dysentery, indigestion, etc. This leaves juice mixed with sugar and two tablespoons twice a day is like playing the stomach.

Dayabetikasa, anemia centella asiatica is found in fruit juice twice a day like playing.

Rakta pollution 4 teaspoon juice mixed with 1 teaspoon honey, 1 week to clean drinking blood and blood circulation increases.

Dried cow’s milk powder to prevent ambiguity drstira centella asiatica with 12 spoon, 1 teaspoon of honey mixed benefits like playing.

Jbara heal a lot of centella asiatica leaf extract is beneficial. It can be cured rapidly falling temperature every morning.

Libharera problems (especially in children), centella asiatica with 5-6 drops of juice 1 teaspoon turmeric, mixed with a little sugar and honey every morning, playing the problem goes away.

Damta and gum disease are the result of better centella asiatica leaves boiled water gargle.

Majhemajhe found that young children experiencing late, this situation leaves 1 teaspoon of the juice cold with the hot milk mixed with honey drops of 0 to feeding problems in the coming days.

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