Diabetes may be released from the four food

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Many are worried about diabetes or diabetes. Some foods can give you freedom from this disease. Which will bring your bladasugarakeo control.

Vegetables: spinach, peas, cabbage, pepper, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, such as plenty of fiber and calcium intake is. They can be eaten as a salad.
Seeds: diabetes to get rid of hemp seed (Flex sidasa) helps a lot. This dish can be eaten with yogurt in the morning. Or you can eat the seeds crushed with otasera.

Enhance food digestion: Papaya (4-5 pieces), apple (cut into 1-II), banana (1ti), 4-5 Nuts, Oats, buckwheat, etc., food and digestion, helps the body shed excess fat. They are playing on a regular basis to reduce diabetes.

Fat is not excluded foods: all fat foods should be excluded. Ducamaca butter, olive oil or a piece of cheese, will help to build protein in the body. Which may reduce diabetes.

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