Tips to keeping egg good for a long time

eggEggs usually can not be stored for long time .Not if you have no freeze.You can’t keep egg  normal more than 2-3 days in this hot summer day . Although refrigerated eggs should be eaten within four to five days. Otherwise might be lost.

However, there is a way of preserving eggs in the refrigerator for a long time. Put out the peel of egg and  keep the eggs in a bowl  if you want to keep for a long time .Dissolve a little salt and then gently with it. Egg yolks should not be too much of a break. The small square in the deep snow to accumulate on the tray and keep in refrigerator. Usually an egg is equal to the size of the ice.

After a while, when the accumulation of solid, liquid egg mixture out of there in a polythene bag to keep dip.

If you want to save the whole egg  then put out the peel and keep in small bowl. And on top of the egg with a pinch of salt Keep refrigerated dip. When the egg is frozen solid this time with a different bag to keep it out.

This method of preserving the poached eggs from the refrigerator if you want to dimatake out of a bowl and leave until soft. Please poached egg was soft at room temperature.

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