Anushka tells about ‘Uncomfortable’ Part of Sultan

anuThe actress Anushka Sharma was scared while doing Sultan Salman Khan when she felt she did not look like a fighter.

“Before, I was too scared not see me as a fighter. We have the perception that the fighters are of a certain size. I used often questioning producer Aditya Chopra as to how this can happen (the appearance of a fighter),” Anushka reporters at the Sultan launch trailer last night.

“But when I did a little research, I discovered that there were people internationally who looked like me,” said Anushka.

Anushka not want to use a body double in the film.

“I learned the movements and technical way to do it (wrestling). I am very happy that I did. From now on, if I see wrestling, I understand how it happens. I am grateful for the opportunity. It was certainly not let’s use a body double. I felt that if I learned something, I want to show properly. I worked hard and I’m happy I had to do it, “Anushka said.

Salman Khan Anushka interrupted and said he is a trained fighter now.

For 28-year-old actress, approach someone and fight was uncomfortable.

“I think as an actor and as a girl, who is not used to having someone so close. At first, I used to feel very uncomfortable. When I saw a lot of videos, I realized I have to go all in it and do it properly . I went to him and not care about anything, “Anushka said.

To get into the skin of his character of a fighter, Anushka learned some things.

“I had a good team of trainers. I was prepared before the shooting started. Fortunately, no one was injured. However, injuries can occur if someone is struggling or wrestling at all,” said Anushka.

Anushka have six weeks to prepare for the film and is happy that everything went smoothly.

“The kind of work that goes into wrestling is something we have not seen before. I’m happy that I got to know in fragments. It was a good experience and I will keep it close to my life,” Anushka said.

This is the first time that Anushka will star in a film with Salman.

“It’s the story of two fighters They understand the ups and downs of each other while they are in the same profession My character in the film says – .. In life if you begin to focus on one thing too, you forget important things what both. their love story goes up and down and showing how it affects your life, “said Anushka.

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