With tooth and nail up the habit of cutting strategies 8

teethWhen you’re nervous or during deep thought or reason, many bad habits to cut the nails with his teeth. This is more common in children with bad habits, but it sometimes occurs among adults. This is the nail, such as nail damage is damage and healthy.

It is difficult to give up any bad habits. Whether it’s smoking or other bad habits. Habit nails with his teeth so hard to cut, but not impossible. Some of these tactics can be bad habit.

1. Keep nails cut short. Keep nails cut before the big, so it is not possible to cut the nails with his teeth.

II. Keep fingernails neilapalisa. bitter taste, you will refrain from cutting the nails.

3. Promise not to cut nails from today. Keep the phone reminders to remember. Write down notes or reading table or office desk. It will remind cutting nails.

4. The need to spend a lot of time to nail is shortage of calcium. Cutting daily food habits of nails to egg, milk and calcium Keep food.

5. Cut your nails habits of children go to another place. It could be painting, or anything else that will keep your hands and mind busy.

6. Nothing, if you can not prevent us from cutting the nails, the nails or chili paste, neem put it.

7. Castor oil, especially oil can be applied to the nails. Castor oil taste and pungent smell of glue will prevent you from cutting the nails.

8. Do not force children to give up the habit of beating or not. Scold or beat the child to make more persistent.

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