What about the quality of honey, and tell Brother

For a long time, healthy grains and honey as well as conventional medicines disease. Statement of the properties can not be done. There are different types, sweet nutrients. According to scientists, the use of honey in the treatment of the 4 thousand years ago have been found. In ancient Egypt, India, Greece, and China was worth honey as a healthy meal. We are limited to the general camace eat honey. Below this liquid sweetener used in food and took her to various upakaritara be discussed are:

1. Surutake the most healthy and delicious way to kick back, have a glass of warm water soluble eat two or three spoons of honey. The diseases with which the body is badly managed.

II. Honey-lemon juice to water before breakfast, if it became a much more healthy. This mixture helps to eliminate odor in the mouth. Naturally odor-producing bacteria in the mouth to kill the lemon juice. This gives a nice fresh feeling to the whole dinatakei morning.

3. Honey is believed to reduce the risk of heart disease. There are also plenty of antioxidants. Gyastroenteritisa and great upakari bacterial ulcer cases. Each day, eat sweet food, he can take it mixed with honey. Confectionery products, curd, lassi or bread nutrition and taste of honey creates a beautiful combination.

4. All honey skin protection. There are so many cosmetic products are made with honey. It works like magic to remove the impression from the appearance of age. The natural antioxidant that protects the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays damage.

5. Another great advantage of the honey will get immediately. That is, it is a great stimulant for a meal. Cinijatiya sugar or honey gives a lot more energy than the other elements. It has the sweet ingredients like sugar is harmful. According to several studies, even in patients with diabetes can eat a certain amount of honey every day. Source: Thankyou

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