These secret problem you will never hide to doctor

doctorDoctors interviewed: the words do not hide anything from lawyer. Listen to it and show it to work in practice, it is difficult enough, but sometimes it’s really true. Thinking, What is the stash to the doctor? That’s got to tell him about the problem. Yes! That’s right. Sometimes, however, these problems are so complex that it becomes embarrassing to anyone else, even the doctors say is shame. But no matter awkward, always some problems note from the doctor is not hidden. Want to know what the problems are? Let’s see.

1. Everything inside the body of unwanted access

It is more usually in children. In this example, a cotton bud into the ear, nose and go into something, nails, etc. swallowed. Small or Large-problem that goes to the doctor immediately and go inside the body brings out unnecessary thing. But I think once a person enters the anal If anything, he can not take any action so quickly? Will be rushed to the doctor? Yes! Sometimes it happens and it is up to hide the infection from the blood of his death. Therefore, if such a thing happens if you go to the doctor immediately without any delay.

2. Itching fiercely secretive organs

Unlike other places in the body itching itching can be your secret. It is more especially boys. . If itching persists for a long time, and even if you go to the doctor without delay. Whether that both men and women, starting from the foot to spread the fungus to secret Organ.

3. Lower odor

If you lower your body odor embarrassing to ask whether the doctor. Because if it is, and with a little itch (as has been mentioned above), then your body can be a problem has occurred. Which can be fatal if not treated in time. The fungus infection, UTI may be far from the top of a man.

4. I think smoking and drinking

I think once you’re a woman or a man, standing next to the rest of the family can tell you that what you smoke or drink alcohol? Many people, especially women, yet it’s very offensive in most countries has been similar. As a result of this practice is not to speak properly to the doctor because the doctor and they threw a lot more trouble. In fact, a person in the smoke of the day, from 1 to 4 times higher than the others, he will be go to a physician who is feared. In that case, next time, please go to the doctor to try to hide this information better to do.

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