Believe it or not, the size of your heel can reveal your ambition

footIf you want to know how ambitious your friend is, look – and not kneel – at his heels. According to investigators, the election of a woman to fit in a crowd or stand may depend on the size of her high heels which explains the deep human need for status in society.

The results showed that women adopt local trends – such as re-sizing heels – while moving to wealthier parts of the city, but ignore them when they move to the socioeconomic development lower areas.

“In other words, most women want to look like different rich and poor girls girls,” said Kurt Gray, assistant professor at the University of North Carolina in the US ..

While moving to smart cities, women tend to try to close and match the size of your heels heel size of other women in that city, showing a deep desire to conform.

However, on the contrary, in an attempt to keep up with their individuality, that match the size of your heels with the size of their own previous purchases, when going to the poorest areas.

The researchers called this phenomenon as “drip line” because fashion preferences drip down from the top, but rarely from the bottom.

“From the beginning of time, people have a thirst for respect and social status, and have aligned themselves with the powerful and distanced from the powerless. So it makes sense that they do the same with heel sizes,” Gray explained Article published in the journal PLOS ONE.

This “high fashion” people want to look rich is becoming more prevalent, with increasing inequality in society and the growing gap between rich and poor.

To examine this trend, researchers were associated with an online retailer of high fashion. They examined the size of high-heeled shoes in five years shoe shopping – 16,236 in total – 2007, women moving from a 180 US cities.

Such aspirations also contribute to the fortunes of fashion sites that provide high-status goods for low prices, the researchers said, adding that the phenomenon can also be applied to men.

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