Deepika gave auditioned to be the heroine of Tom Cruise’s

deepikaA few days ago there was going to be a Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi Tom Cruise. But yesterday came the news. However, the ‘auntie’ Deepika Padukone has auditioned for his role in the new series.

“Triple X: The Return of the gender Cage ‘Deepika are about to start the innings with a picture of Hollywood. Then, the auntie ‘role to be able to get the chance to see the world in a new pair. Deepika-Tom Cruise matabena screen together. Canada is at the moment ‘Triple X’ of the shooting. Some talk about the film as well as his work is.

Also, actress Huma Qureshi of Gangs of Wasseypur has auditioned for the film. Now look at the roster, Deepika and Huma’s heroine, who is going to be Tom Cruise.

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