Artificial skin glands and natural hair!

skinIncredible sound is true that, in a laboratory artificial skin and natural hair to be made Juice dripping gland of the human species, a group of researchers gave the good news.

A group of scientists in Japan rats transplant of stem cells from the bone BBC has been able to accomplish the impossible.

They said, in the next five to 10 years they will be able to replace the human body, the skin. The normal skin, hair and will create Juice dripping gland.

They said the successful research, they will be able to replace the paralyzed person’s organs.

Scientists had hoped that, they were able to create the skin without any kind of organic matter, which the human body is perfectly capable of running the program. Cosmetic Surgery for the company to carry out experiments on animals and do not have to dependencies.

In this regard, the team ‘Science Advances “magazine wrote an article. The main author of the article Takashi Tsuji expressed optimism, saying that it is going to be true to our imagination today. We were able to create a new skin.

He said, so far, there are limitations to our study. Artificial skin can not function properly in the laboratory. The problems we are experiencing now, whatever hair is not properly developed and gland secretions. However, to overcome this limitation, we’ll get up soon.

Takashi Tsuji stressed, we have built a laboratory in artificial skin, which naturally will be able to create a structure of the skin and limbs.

Stem cells from bone to bone cells of mice, they replaced. 2006 of the stem cells cell transplantation techniques, they are engaged in research to develop artificial skin.

The research team successful transplantation of skin to burn the skin back to normal and the paralyzed patients can be expected to have a healthy and normal life. However, we will have to wait for another five to 10 years. This is-or less!

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